Saturday, August 8, 2009


You know that life has so much more to offer than just the simple act of nostalgia and suffering. But we as humans cling ourselves to it, because it stimulates us.
We never really want to be happy, something imposes us.
In the act of forgetting comes love. Once we forget somebody, that person comes to haunt us. Which is when we believe we are in love.
Which is when we believe in something that is a force of danger.
We love the utopian life.
My friend,
It saddens me to hear from you.
I guess we are living in a period of no comprehension.
Stubborn to experience a new penetration.
Eager to experience a dark consequence.

My Friend,
i use to love.
the tears that i cry now, are those of remembrance.
the words that i speak now, are those of progression.

No heart is broken, if not only burning from a sour touch.
the mirrors in our rooms
accompany us through self voyage.

Dear suffering friend,
I know this drowning heartache.
I know this will heal.
take my words to sleep.

the female zoo