Thursday, May 29, 2008


Picture her dancing in white across the room. 
grabbing onto you every time she is about to fall. 
your getting dizzy. 
picture her dancing in white across the room. 
your starting to move in circles. 
thinking your standing in one place. 
but in reality you disappear from her fast pace. 
she doesnt see you. 
she moves. 
dancing in white across the room. 
her painted blue hands on the wall. 
your not there to hold. 
opening eyes. 
grasping her forgotten breath. 
blinking fast to picture your silhouette.
what can be more precious now that your gone.
Angelica Pear in her mouth. 
text by: the female zoo 
picture by: rare photography 

Sunday, May 25, 2008


photos by: the female zoo

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Im finding this hard.
to not be able to write about you. 
im empty and in shock. 
Im still talking to you. 
The day i leave this 5 sense world
 i will take you on the longest walk.
you left young and virgin. 
so will i. 
with you.

text by : the female zoo

Monday, May 19, 2008


Give up your grace is falling.
I wasted all my time holding hands.
Far from what i needed. 
what should i say now?
Feeling numb to uncertainty.
I waited october nights. 
Nobody knows about what they saw. 
Metal bars on with strong hand grips. 
Why didnt you leave me alone. 
Now. i cant open my mind. 
As good as you may seem to be. 
You are a dangerous pleasure.
Still and constantly haunting me. 

Sunday, May 18, 2008


you no longer wonder what you dont know.
you no longer smile through the inside but only to the un real exterior.
lights in your eyes guide you the way to blindness. 
express no words to help, express to love to give. 
why? when all you care about is the scent of your sheet-less bed. 
carry along until the time we meet, our knowing will disappear 
 The strangers will fade into one another. 
Fading gently you and me. 

text by: the female zoo

Friday, May 16, 2008


She carries her across the corridor.
long paths leading the pale lipped figures to the filled watered bath.
The sound of water overflowing off the top.
The moist of the hot water to turn cold in their skins. 
Unclear visions of steam, they hold the wet walls to guide. 
Fully dressed to not undress, they sink themselves slowly. 
At the same time. 
The fabrics of the dresses flow across the white bathtub. 
tinted water of color mess. 
Heavy movements of raising arms. 
The body feels 1000 times lighter than what they wear. 
Scrubbing onto one another.
Silent moments followed as goose-bumps run across their colliding legs. 
Blossom lipped figures, wrinkled lady fingers, & cold sophisticated feet. 
Elegantly bathing for their own virginity. 

text by: the female zoo

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


he grabs onto her.
show me the real part of it. 
i cant tell you what i think. 
taking his shirt off he pulls her's off gently as well. 
the cider bottle on the floor. 
stains of red lipstick on the pillowcase. 
show me that part of you. 
falling into one another. 
black cat under your bed. 
i cant tell you what happened. 
caress her before she opens her wide eyes. 
falling infront of you a petal of the tulip. 
falling in front of you her body.
another petal falls.
show me that part that you hide.

text by : the female zoo

Monday, May 12, 2008


"When she stood by the big iron bed, waiting, he said, 'Keep your belt on.' And he began by slowly tearing her dress from around it. Calmly and with no effort, he tore it into shreds as if it were made of paper. Louise was trembling at the strength of his hands. She stood naked now except for the heavy silver belt. He loosened her hair over her shoulders. And only then did he bend her back on the bed and kiss her interminably, his hands over her breasts. She felt the painful weight both of the silver belt and of his hands pressing so hard on her naked flesh. Her sexual hunger was rising like madness to her head, blinding her. It was so urgent that she could not wait. She could not even wait until he undressed. But Antonio ignored her movements of impatience. He not only continued to kiss her as if he were drinking her whole mouth, tongue, breath, into his big dark mouth, but his hands mauled her, pressed deeply into her flesh, leaving marks and pain everywhere. She was moist and trembling, opening her legs and trying to climb over him. She tried to open his pants."

text by: Anais Nin
Delta of Venus

Friday, May 9, 2008



                                                                             video by: Alex 

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


photos by: the female zoo 

The farm behind the brick- walk
spitafields city farm 


Old wooden stairs leading to the attic.
The cave of an inhabitant.
Small white and packed in bags. 
i have arrived to my destination right when he departs.
Departing to point B. 
Yellow light switched off to give presence to the illuminated red candle dancing in light waves across the room. 
Bellow us the bed, old. 
Above of the sky. 
A white window open above us letting in spring night. 
No stars, water starts to emerge from the window glass.
Titanic i say. 
Closing eyes to the CD on replay. 
Black and white cats running in between my legs.
the gentle purr. 
the long sleep. 
the early awakening of the sun. 
Children screaming outside. 
The guitar tunes in my ear from last night.
The warmth of the grill on the bed sheets. 
I toss around the bed, gracing your long gone movement. 
The bed remains in tumbles of cloth. 
I disappear before seeing you leave. 
the room is empty. 
a piece of me lies on the bed where you slept to depart.

text by: the female zoo 

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Video: Blue jay Way - The Beatles

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Love of art and poetry and music, nurturing and protective energy, inner visions and dreams, the muse who inspires, enchantress, mythology, power of the unconscious, divine inspiration, mother love, collective unconscious, depths of the psyche, mysterious feminine, seductive, pay attention to the anima, fragile and easily hurt, unfathomable, still waters run deep, open in showing feelings, sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on, keeps emotions under control, dislikes thoughtless and inappropriate behavior, strong moral sense, tranquil, compelling.