Friday, May 16, 2008


She carries her across the corridor.
long paths leading the pale lipped figures to the filled watered bath.
The sound of water overflowing off the top.
The moist of the hot water to turn cold in their skins. 
Unclear visions of steam, they hold the wet walls to guide. 
Fully dressed to not undress, they sink themselves slowly. 
At the same time. 
The fabrics of the dresses flow across the white bathtub. 
tinted water of color mess. 
Heavy movements of raising arms. 
The body feels 1000 times lighter than what they wear. 
Scrubbing onto one another.
Silent moments followed as goose-bumps run across their colliding legs. 
Blossom lipped figures, wrinkled lady fingers, & cold sophisticated feet. 
Elegantly bathing for their own virginity. 

text by: the female zoo