Friday, August 28, 2009


I slowly faint.
These constant tears that bring me back to misery
Cold in your heart.
lying on my back, i am completely inexpressible.
On my mind a draped vision of myself smiling.
I cannot bare waking to anymore mornings.
smiling, bringing myself back to something safe.
In my absence ill seek.
from the damage we are equally alone.
my lungs force a certain melody,
pumping my heart with the impure.
Sometimes i think everything turns against me, in me.
I wont realize until the last minute god gives me the dying eyes.
Afraid to reach out to something golden, I can only admire such beauty in your loss.
And as nobody speaks, I slowly faint.
completely absent minded.
I pass away, holding onto the hands of Miriam.
Miriam watching god giving me the dying eyes.

remembering SHE DIED DIAMOND.