Thursday, December 3, 2009


She knows the feeling of letting go.

She holds her lover by his hand,
gently pulling him closer to her.

She stares straight to her bed-
In that moment of contemplation,
he felt as if she had departed for a lifetime.

In a moment of awakening
he waits for her to move her lips-
She seemed paralyzed
her heart wasn't there.

She withdrew her desires right in front of her-
looking at her bed in a different perspective,
where she lay her misplaced heart.

Looking at her organ sleep,

She moves for the first time-
Loosing the grip of her lovers hand,

she speaks:

" this is where I was born"

The grip is completely lost.
She is completely gone.

Her lover in awe stands watching her bed-
the organ pumping the blood
which will drown him to death.