Monday, December 15, 2008


my wrists hurt 
im screaming underneath it all.
sick of sitting on the edge.
everything you do gently falling into me.

this is how i am going to describe it: 

Im lying on a flat surface.
my skin stuck to the cotton sheets.
my stomach stretched almost drawing an imaginary moon.
something beautiful punching inside me. 
my wrists hurt.
im screaming underneath it all.
your fluid is multiplying everything inside me.
my eyes are dying out.
your eyes are getting bigger.
water flowing in my veins.
beeping noises of a creation.
getting faster.
my heartbeat beating faster.
suddenly a figure emerges from underneath.
im awakend by noise.
im awakend by chaos of creation.
last moment your holding onto my hand tight.
heartbeat explodes into two.
the lights turn bright.
the cord pulls tight.
rabbits running in circles around me. 

the female zoo