Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It wasn't pleasant. 
The pounding images of this morning- chaos.
Somewhere in between my pillow and mind.
30 before rise.
the dream that never awakens.
The house door kept on opening.
the noise of a suitcase out in the corridor. 
the violent touch of a stranger in my bed. 
1 second later, im outside on the streets talking to you, 
asking you, if you will come back- 
Due to an early rise you wont reappear tonight.
I didnt feel hot nor cold. 
strange enough as i walked back to my bed.
2 second back, i rise from my bed, 
opening the door of my room and stepping into the corridor,
where the noise echos of suitcases being dragged. 
my dearest friend, looks at me right in my eyes. 
Long blonde hair. 
i hold her. 
help me , im dreaming, i cant wake up.
pulling myself back into deep sleep. 
the snooze, the classical music we awaken to. 
keeps on happening. 
suddenly your lying next to me when you had just left. 
im confused about you. 
you touch my eyes, close  and sleep. 
the classical snooze.
the chaos. 

the female zoo