Sunday, July 6, 2008


the statue is dropping flowers.
slowing following one petal reach surface.
gently you remain still.
the silence of the atmoshphere around the strong scent of rose.
reaching to the end of lifes only lightness.
laying in still motion the petal lies slightly bent on one side.
still part of a flowers bud.
i wonder why you part in form of complete.
the statue closes its eyes.
a girl is falling through the sky.
looking straight through your closed eyes.
transparecy of your thin skin makes wonder.
she has gone too far.
she lost her path.
she is looking down before she hits the ground.
she belonged to everyone.
where does she want to be?
the impure of her skin.
the fragments of her body in your eyes.
i promise she will never pass by.
text by: the female zoo