Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Remember me now Olympia,

Sudden rushes of intense headaches takeover,
Of course I didn't forget, I just couldn't find the strength.
My hand numb from expression,
Of course I could think,
I just couldn't find the inspiration.

Listen, the moon is here- and its changing.
The pain travelling through my spinal cord is spilling through out my mouth,
finally my eyes feel the warm conversation between tears making way to evaporate once again through the pores of my skin.

Its not about the past, its not about you, its not about this.
Its about the alignment of my eyes with my mind.
Forget about the way I look, it's all in the way I breathe.

Its strange- Olympia,
Understand me , then later remember me.

I have a conversation in blume,
with this person who tastes
just of me.