Thursday, January 28, 2010


I heard myself humming from a lovers bed I had left a while back,
It probably could have even been a recollection from my past life,
I wouldn't be able to tell, for my memory fuses in with tears.

Humming out of bed
I began to retain the vibrations from my chest and vocal chords,
as if I had left my lovers bed with his heart in my mouth.
Feeling my feet touching the surface below-
I felt carried away,
almost hypnotised to disappear fast.

I can recall my eyes wandering to the back of the room several times
before I couldn't see his soul except for a melting distant flickering light.

So time passes by
and Im here trying to inhale the pitch black
as my lovers eyes stare looking at me all this forgotten time.

Avoiding the voices I begin to hear in my head,
the clock doesn't have hands on our side.
This memory i retain so deep, so clear, so real- It's all part of me now.
You- flow as blood through my body-
making all my senses take me back to what I loved.

It has changed-
This time with complete absence we drifted apart.
I survive cold blooded,
as the winter creeps upon my bed sharing an open space of absolute dream.

So I close this-
Finding myself undoing the braids from my hair,
letting this black ocean fall into place down my spine almost drowning my back.
I hum slowly into a bathtub where the vibrations can no longer travel.
i dip myself slowly into waters that cleanse my desires.

Moments later in this abandoned room-
Remained the filled bathtub.

The water still and so transparent-
Your body was washed away.