Thursday, February 19, 2009

à l'intérieur de la naissance d'une femme

Through the eye of the damned fool. 
He stood looking at her. 
Her back facing towards him. 
The light of the heavy emotional skies
spilt rain hitting imaginatively against her face. 
She was protected by more than just thin transparency.
Just dressed in thin white underwear, 
her hair pulled up tight, raising her eyes. 

He could only stand there, re-assuring himself for existence. 
She doesn't notice him.
Like a child she stands easily amused looking straight forward, 
straight forward, to no point in time.
She carelessly laughs at the nothingness in life. 
The visions of pleasure she is seeing, 
almost as satisfying, as fulfilling, as dreamy,
as having him inside, 
crossing right through her.
Speaking to herself she begins to hum. 
Pulling her feet gently off the cold surfaced ground. 
Her presence for him was only momentarily and misunderstood. 
She hummed the exact melody over and over, 
for if he had to leave, his return would be as sweet. 
Standing there, distant (there)
her ( female ) against the stained glass. 
Her breath spills out condensation. 
slowly making clouds that created an unclear vision of what may be outside. 
The enormous space ( wonder ) one which they cannot reconcile in. 
He weeps, she has been standing there forever.
Its the same sweet fallen melody. 
Her body looked almost instrumental.
The only gestures of life were her ( female ) teardrops, 
hitting of the window pane, getting lost with natures rain drops.

Through it all she was able to seek her natural solitude, in beauty. 
In the thick air
being observed by thick memories, 
that were able to sink right through her thick skin. 

the female zoo