Saturday, January 10, 2009


recognizing the warmth of the room.
i walk through my walls
finding myself in complete hollowness
cutting myself on sharp edges. 
turning pale white
i keep on going, because its like a lie.
makes me feel good
i have learnt the subtle pain
i adapt to recognize.
so the sun comes out
but not in my window. 
everyone sees in color
cutting myself on life
i see black. 
i promise im sane.
i only intoxicate with myself.
because i feel secure 
when we have sex.
because i feel 
when i stretch to find you here.
down there i recognize 
a last ovulation. 
because i feel nouveau. 
braiding my hair before i sleep.
i recognize the smell of your first words.
i no longer sit here.
because i feel the voyage of gone. 
because life is myself in EMPRESS BALLON.

the female zoo