Tuesday, October 21, 2008


text: 26 july, 2007

photo by: Luli Perez 
Portrait of me in my notion of home. 

she woke up feeling in place this morning.
sometimes we wake up for no reason and start wondering in our cages looking for something to do. I spent the whole night talking to those around me while they slept. My words ran right into their beds.
I tried not to stay up all the night. But your voice was haunting me inside. Dreams that cant be told. You never realize the moment , that one second when your lying in bed and your awake / aware to that split second where suddenly you have lost connection with the rest of what feels / smells. So you wonder off into an image of illustions and messages. WHile you sleep he sits next to you contemplating the next day he will see you. Surreal laughters run across her mind as she sleeps. She is completly disconected from everything that is near, except for the organ pumping blood next to her. 

Hours can pass by and she doesnt realize that hes gone. 
He doesnt have to be physical in order to exsist.
she dances across the room as she wakes up. 
her eyes to a new day. 
her eyes to her notion of home.

the female zoo