Wednesday, April 2, 2008


No one told  her about the wrinkles under her fallen eyes.
Decaying seconds of tightened grip on earth.
Elegance of black in slow motion. 
We crossed paths while we cross.
Your dog pulls you tighter.
red bow. 
brown fur.
No one told you about the color of your hair. 
fantasy of whites and grays. 
silver rain burning under the city noise.

We speak but we dont like to.
better off silent. 
i observe your beauty of given solitude. 
She wears black trousers
yellow golden fastened jacket. 
fallen antique coco chanel around her long arm. 

Her lover in her mouth. 
YSL slims surrounding her in white vanilla scent smoke.
 Slim bones.
Slim heart. 
Spiral of admiration. 
she mademoiselle of 77. 
text by: the female zoo 
image: my silent muse Pola Negri